Kan Shinomura

Growing up in Tokyo, Japan Kan had his first musical exposure through his father`s love for American funk records such as Ohio Players and BT Express but it was an unmarked mixtape from some unknown dj that touched Kan the deepest in 1992 containing the music of artists such as Mr.Fingers and Marshall Jeferson , it stirred an obsession that is still in effect. Only one year later Kan was playing house music in small clubs around Tokyo. In 1995 Kan moved to New Zealand and it was here he discovered big rave culture and the sounds of techno that would be his destiny. He played all over New Zealand and Australia at high profile events such as the Gathering and well known clubs like Licker and Bar Isnt`t It? With new inspiration Mr.Sinomura returned to Tokyo in 1998 and began to organize events and play at clubs such as Maniac Love, Mission and Code as well as traveling to countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan to work the decks. It was in 1999 that Kan moved to his current homebase in Victoria, B.C. Canada and in 2000 he met legendary local DJ Rennie Foster just as Rennie was starting to gain international acclaim as up and coming techno producer. When Kan and Rennie`s sets of twins, both of mixed Japanese and Canadian origin, were born on the same day they new that thier fate was somehow linked and Futago Technologies was literally...born. Futago is the Japanese word for twins. Kan and Rennie set quickly to work starting the underground house and techno radio program Tribalife on local university FM station CFUV [the show still exists on popular Japanese internet radio station Samurai.fm]. They also collaborated on many clubnights and events at local venues such as Neptune Soundbar, Hush, Lucky Bar and Red Jacket featuring serious international talent such as C1 from Intec records, Detroit legend Drivetrain and fellow Canadian luminary Noah Pred. Kan also continued his solo journey guesting at many huge raves and clubs around Victoria and Vancouver . Around this time Kan and Rennie built the FutagoHQ studio and Rennie began to school Kan intensively in the realm of music production. With Kan`s unbelievable natural talent and unyeilding dedication it wasn`t long before Kan and Rennie were collaborating as equals and Kan was turning the ideas that had been churning in his head for so long into intense musical reality. In 2003, through a partnership with Rhythmic inc. NYC, this fast rising power duo started the Futago Traxx label and after only a few releases gained heavy industry support from DJs such as Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Dave Angel, Laurent Garnier and Dave Clarke...just to name a few. In US publlication URB Ben Sims declared Futago Technologies as one of his top 5 new producers and signed several of Kan and Rennie`s tracks to his definative tribal imprint ?IngomA?. Futago Technologies signed with Gary Martin`s seminal Detroit imprint Teknotika and released the much played Samedi remix and the incredible Tokyo Tech-Funk Tribe E.P. called ?the new bridge between Detroit and Tokyo? by techno-soul pioneer Fabrice Lig. The Futago team will take that idea to another level with the upcoming full length double vinyl release Subject:Tokyo on Dj Bone`s much respected Subject:Detroit label ...and with a remix by techno founding father Jaun Atkins, as if just to silence any doubts. Rennie Foster then relocated to Tokyo to get closer to the source of the Futago inspiration and Kan remained in Canada both concentrating on the continued Futago presence in North America and expanding on his solo visions signing tracks for upcoming release on such labels as Bipolar, NYC`s Robbaudio and Dublin, Ireland`s D1 recordings. Kan`s track Bonshaku an amazing fusion of traditional Japanese instrumentation and tribal motor city rhythms appeared on Dj Bone`s mix cd Subject: Detroit Vol.3. Kan continues to run very well attended Futago events in Canada and remains active in the Western Canadian DJ community, volunteering as a judge for the legendary DMC DJ contest among other things. Shinomura-san also continues to visit Japan regularly to aid in the ongoing Futago invasion and play at clubs such as Core, Simoon and La Fabrique as he gains a unique local DJ following on two continents simultaneously. Now playing for more than a decade, Kan Shinomura`s captivating DJ sets are focused on the soulful side of techno. Kan fuses Detroit style atmoshpere with futuristic ghetto-space electro and Chicagoesque classic house madness. Ranging anywhere from ultra-deep to full on bangin` depending on where and when, Kan`s technical abilty and supreme attention to programming set his three turntable excursions well apart from the rest. Original trickery and two-copy juggling are tradition amongst the Futago DJ team and Kan always tries to push the boundries of his sets in a way that nobody can deny or copy. In 2006 Kan will take his sound on tour in Europe, already set to play dates in France, Belgium and england as well as south american countries such as brazil. With the Futago Technologies presence in the global techno scene rising so fast and with Kan 815 Shinomura`s Bushido-like dedication, his reputation as a DJ and producer is reaching new heights. It is set to be a bright future for this hard working and talented samurai of soul-technology fusion.