Baiyons career started in 1998. His music projects are Conceal, ness, and Baiyon. ness is his own unit approaches to minimal techno/house. Conceal present edited beats, listless strange House/Dub/Hip-Hop. Baiyon presents experimental music evoking childhood memories. Live, he has performed with L?K?O, Hair Stylistics (Masaya Nakahara), Dose One (Anticon), etc.. In addition to his musical activities, his prolific graphic design unit, Wet Side, produces characters that are cute at a glance but a second look reveals them to be a conglomerate of strange characters. His character designs are loved by many people and are drawn with simple lines or using extraordinarily deliberate textures. Baiyon's artwork has received the patronage of many artists who have used his designs on their CDs and flyers. Baiyon presents his special vision of the world, by linking his own music label, "Brain Escape Sandwich Rec. (b.e.s.r.)" with graphic design, film/video, and product design as "Wet Side."