I was drawn to Techno in the mid Nineties for two reasons. The first is I see Techno as a music of innovation, each new track requiring a new idea or a new spin on the old ideas. The second was the anonymity connected to the instant way people reacted positively or negatively to tracks on the dancefloor, if it was good it didn't matter who you were or what your background was, quality, or lack of, was obvious.
I started out making Techno on a MPC 2000 which a lot of people know as a Hip Hop machine, but a lot of classic techno was made with them. The MPC is a good teacher regarding what to focus on in a production but I realized that computers were becoming more suitable tools for what I wanted to do. I tried Ableton Live and that what I'm using today along with some outboard synths and a Vestax Dj mixer. What I enjoy is to get as deep as possible into the act of music creation.
I see the current state of Techno being healthy in terms of creative freedom and access to audiences but it's now harder than ever to earn a living from this music, so hard in fact that I've completely abandoned that as a goal. That in turn adds a purity to the creative act but it requires a certain single mindedness of  Techno artists. I often feel I have more in common with people with consuming hobbies, like people with giant model train sets in their attic, than anyone in the charts. The goal is to recreate the moments Techno gave me in the past and to share them with others. Knowing Techno's potential helps me stay true to it during the times it seems like I should be doing other things. My plan is to continue to develop as an artist and not judge myself against any benchmarks of success or failure except my own which will include the music having meaning and use other people besides myself. Thanks for dropping by.