Petey Nicholson the PRODUCER OF AEOD (Alter-Egos Of Dance) was born in Downingtown, PA in 1972. No he didnít find any of his parentís vinyl or run errands for the local DJ's at raves. Itís just a natural Raw talent that FLOWS. He is currently waiting to receive a kidney transplant from the University Of Pennsylvania. In the beginning, we will proceed, proceed upon, moving. I only ask of you to move, When you donít move. Continue. As I speak to you. We will go through you. The style of play can determine how well we function. Under the intense commitment that everyone reaches to grasp. Only achieving a quest that will lead us to the misty canyons. Only to find that there is nobody home. There is a message for you. The electronical plasma effect approach you know? And I like the way the beat be wavin' on that boom. Techno on my mind! Sadness...Consciousness seperates, there for we dream. Mhmm. Ok. Yeah. Feelings fly frequently, free freaks fornicate, formulas finding, freedom forever. Figure forget it. I got a pocket full of drugs. You see the oxygen is so sorry. If I talk to you, donít talk back. If I donít talk to you. Keep talking. What is the highest level, you have to achieve? Here in New York weather today its...38 degrees and cold outside. There is not only snow. Flurries. There can be also. Snow and your mind, it dreams of snow. Let the weather be all clouds. Here in New York City. Never forget your stay in New York City. Red iz hot. I've got nothing. Energetic entertaining. Euphoric ecstasy. Elegance essence.....