David Donohoe

David Donohoe, a Dublin based creative director, graphic designer and musician. He works both singly and collaboratively in a variety of media including print, web, video, exhibition and sound. Alongside more commercial ventures his current practice focuses on hand-made books. He shares a studio on Capel Street with regular collaborators Space.ie and Fuel. He has exhibited and performed live audio and visual work at numerous concerts and gallery performances. With Donnacha Costello, Peter Maybury and Dennis McNulty he is a member of serverproject, a live laptop improvisation group performing site-specific networked sound installations. His work has been exhibited in the Digital Hub, Dublin (2003/ 2005) and Triskel, Cork (2002). He has released two albums on D1 Recordings, several Eps on D1, Minimise and Force-Inc, and numerous compilation tracks & remixes for labels including Front-End Synthetics and Mille-Plateaux. 

Minimise 2 (12") -  Minimise 2000

First Course In Hygiene (2xLP) - D1 Recordings 2002

First Course In Hygiene (CD) - D1 Recordings 2002

Hail, Holy Light / Eyes On My Eyes (12") Minimise 2004

Nature Morte! (12") Minimise  2004

Ri / Banrion (12") D1aspora 2004

Statuesque (CD) D1 Recordings  2004