Americhord is Maura O'Boyle from Dublin City, Ireland. Veering from techno through electro to electronica, Americhord represents a versatile sound that has matured from raw power of bass and kick, through to ghostly atmospherics, deft composition and sheer emotional dancefloor impact. Her dedication to true studio production aesthetics have seen live performances alongside names such as Andrew Weatherall, Vitalic, Ellen Allien and Dan Curtain in Fabric, Haywire and numerous Dublin based events. Americhord has released on D1 Recordings, D1aspora, UK electronic label Law & Auder and Dublin electronica imprint Frontend Synthetics.  

Boomkat describes D1aspora EP: Her debut release for D1aspora through Submerge kicks off with 'Midnight' - a moody affair with dubbed out signals and bubbling basslines, keeping it minimal, funky and versatile enough for both techno and house sets. 'Invader' has the drive and atmospheric elements that work in the darkest ends of the warehouse and sweatiest clubs, reminiscent of Red Planet and Purpose Maker in places.


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